To meet with the GHG reduction goal, DEDE and UNDP agreed to implement the project stated in the Full-Size Project Document on PEECB signed by top executive levels of both organizations. The activities being categorized therein comprise;

Component 1: Awareness Enhancement on Building EE Technologies and Practices

Component 2: Updated and More Effective Policy Measures on EE in Commercial Buildings

Component 3: EE Building Technologies and Application Demonstration

The project will be completed within 48 months with the following approaches;

1. Setting up the Project Board

2. Setting up the overall project implementation plans and proposed to the Project Board for approval

Implementing the project in accordance with the 3 Components’ framework as specified in the Full Size Project Document on PEECB which is summarized as the following chart;


Phase 1 : Preparation Phase (April – December 2013)
Study and review all related information and design models for project activities

Phase 2 : Development Phase (January – December 2014)
Develop tools and necessary details required for project implementation

Phase 3 : Realization and Dissemination Phase (January 2015 – November 2016)
Conducting project activities that utilized all developed work details from Phase 2, as well as evaluating and following up the project

Phase 4 : Conclusion Phase (December 2016 – April 2017)
Project Implementation Conclusion