1. Within the PEECB scope of work, what are the agencies that involve in implementing the project?

Answer : DEDE is the agency responsible for supervising and facilitating the project while the Project Board comprising representatives from related government, private sectors, institutions, and professional organizations, provide the project with ideas and recommendations for suitable guideline to ensure cooperative and effective project implementation under three components - Awareness Enhancement on Building EE Technologies and Practices, Updated and More Effective Policy Measures on Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings, and EE Building Technologies and Application Demonstration.

During the 4-year period of conducting the project, many activities will have to be implemented and keep informed regularly to the public.

2. How the project will contribute to the overall benefits of the country after the project completion?

Answer : The project set the objectives to be in consistent with the Energy Ministry’s 20 Year Energy Efficiency Development Plan (2011-2030) which has the target with long term reduction of energy import and environmental impact through energy efficiency in commercial buildings.